Clever Beauty Hacks that Will Make You Feel Gorgeous With Minimum Effort

We all want to look pretty, but sometimes its a pain to apply makeup because it costs a fortune and it takes forever. However, there are ways that you can cut down on the time and the cost associated with makeup, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty. With these clever tricks you will be able to look gorgeous on a budget while saving yourself quite a bit of time!


These beauty hacks are designed for lazy girls who know they should be looking after their skin and body, but just can’t seem to work all that pampering into their routines. Because really, who has the time for homemade body scrubs and fridge face masks? Hack away ladies!

1. Remove Makeup In One Step

Too lazy to cleanse, tone and moisturise sometimes?  To prevent your skin from freaking out at least take off your makeup from the day. Use a Micellar Water like Bioderma Sensibio H2O to remove your makeup – you don’t even need to wash it off, just wipe your face with a clean towel or tissue.

2. Moisturise In The Shower

If the idea of moisturising your body after every shower is just too much to handle, use a moisturising body wash like Original Source Skin Quench Pineapple & Coconut Oil.

3. Quick And Easy Face Mask

Use Clean & Clear In Shower Facial for deep cleansing mask results without wasting time. Leave it on your face for one minute in the shower (which gives you time to shave your legs!)

4. Gradual Fake Tanner Is Your Friend

A fake tanner that gradually builds and then fades means you won’t waste a night scrubbing off your old tan and applying a new one. You can just top up when you you’re feeling less lazy! We love Ivadore Tanning Treatment because it actually fades evenly.

5. Pick An Active Moisturiser

Use a hard working moisturiser with lots of active ingredients if you know you won’t be layering treatments and serums on your skin. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisture Rich Night Cream is packed full of Retinol, Vitamin E and peptides to nourish and repair skin while you sleep.

6. Spray On Your Toner

If you’re too lazy to find a cotton pad then a mist toner is right up your alley. Just spray it on your face and let it dry. People For Plants Mist Toner soothes, nourishes and reenergises the skin.

7. Wrap Your Nails

The idea of carefully painting your nails and then waiting for them to dry is almost too time consuming for words. Use nail wraps instead. It’s as easy as applying a sticker to your nails.

8. Get Accustomed To Wipes

The ultimate lazy girl beauty solution is makeup remover wipes kept right next to your bed. After a long day there’s nothing like wiping your face clean and jumping straight into bed. Try Wotnot Facial Wipes.


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