5 of the Most Uninhabitable Places on Earth…But Some Managed to Amazingly Survive!

Earth is the only planet known to man that is livable because it is complete with everything that a man needs to survive, like oxygen, food and water. But not all parts of the Earth are good for humans or even animals. The following are the places that are least likely to have existing life forms due to its environment conditions, but you’ll be surprised with what you’ll find out…your mind will absolutely get blown!


1. The Freezing Arctic and Antarctic Continent

When I hear the word Arctic or Antarctic, the first thing that will come out of my mind is its freezing temperature that is as low as -40 Farenheit. You wouldn’t dare live in that place for sure; however the emperor penguins would not have second thoughts.

2. The Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is the hottest, lowest and driest area of United States that almost no living things can survive, which you could probably figure out by its name. However, there is certain fish species called pupfish that was able to survive its worst condition.

3. The Iron Mountain

Due to mining of gold, silver, copper and other minerals, the surroundings of the Iron Mountain of California have high acidic level that is very impossible for a man to survive. However, there are living microbes that have survived in that place floating in the pink acid and enjoy eating iron.

4. In Total Isolation Under the Ground

Living on your own in an isolated place can be very hard, but not for Candidatus Desulforudis Audaxviator, they can just live on their own. They can be found 2-miles deep in the Sour African mine and can create their own nitrogen and consumes sulfate.

5. The Deepest Part of the Sea

The deepest part of the sea can no longer be reached by sunlight, and without sunlight man couldn’t live. But surprisingly, there are a lot of life forms that have been discovered that enjoyed living there.

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